Management of Legal Affairs

Neubauer Partner is a successful business law firm in Austria. Drawing on its extensive international experience, it specializes in clients interested in meticulous and comprehensive legal advice and assistance tailored to their personal needs.


We support and advise our clients in all business matters, particularly in connection with the drafting of contracts, but we also provide legal advice in connection with commercial agreements, supply agreements, distribution agreements, licence agreements and IP, financing, general terms and conditions and compliance matters.



We are here for our clients when it comes to meeting the increasingly complex legal compliance requirements. We support them by analysing the status quo and recommending and implementing measures but also represent them in the event of regulatory violations.



Corporate law and related legal matters are a core focus of our firm. We advise and support our clients in choosing the right corporate form and structure and establish various legal forms of companies (both here in Austria and abroad in cooperation with selected foreign law firms), according to the economic and tax needs of our clients.


Real estate law

We have provided comprehensive advice and support to our clients in all matters of real estate law for many years, including, in particular, in drafting and negotiating contracts for real estate transactions and property developer agreements. We also have years of experience in registering conveyances on the land registry, advising on real estate developments and related financing transactions, establishment of condominium ownership, advising on landlord-tenant matters and representing clients in court disputes relating to real estate.


Litigation & Arbitration

Our attorneys have many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in conducting simple and complex litigation before courts and arbitration tribunals. Our experience in this sector includes structuring and drafting written submissions and applications and personally representing clients before courts and arbitration tribunals, where clients also benefit from our successful negotiation tactics.


White-collar criminal law

In the context of economic activity, businesspersons sometimes face allegations of corruption or fraud, or become the victims of such offences. In both scenarios we support our clients in criminal investigations and criminal proceedings, and represent them with respect to enforcement of the resulting civil law claims.