The concept of Neubauer & Partner calls for the firm to represent and advise its clients comprehensively and, if desired, autonomously and independently in all legal matters (“Management of Legal Affairs”). The firm achieves this objective by intensively and thoroughly analyzing the situations and needs of its clients and by maintaining continuity within its own ranks.

The law firm, which has served its clients for over six decades, was founded by now deceased Attorney at Law Dr. Frank Neubauer in 1950. In September 1973, his son, Attorney at Law Dr. Harry Neubauer, took over at the helm of the firm. In February 2007 he was joined by his own son, Attorney at Law Mag. Daniel Neubauer LL.M. The two have managed the firm jointly ever since. Having passed along the knowledge of the clients’ situations and individual needs from one generation to the next, Neubauer & Partner has built deep relationships with long-standing and new clients based on trust and on individual needs of the clients. This firm foundation allows Neubauer & Partner to represent its clients with care and success as well as offer customized and specially adapted solutions and handle legal procedures with efficiency.

Even in these times of constantly changing values, Neubauer & Partner has retained all the traditional traits of venerable law firms, particularly Austrian ones. It upholds traditions such as the client-lawyer privilege and has no intention of putting its own activity in the public spotlight.

For many years and decades the firm has advised significant clients in Austria and abroad and has also been collaborating with carefully selected tax consulting firms and international law firms. Clients are thus assured of excellent legal representation domestically and internationally.